Peter Yu


I am an individual who strives to produce clean, simple and meaningful design. With a substantial interest in exploring materials, experiencing diverse culture and understanding the vast areas of design, I aspire to further expand my knowledge base in order to become a multi-disciplinary designer. My extreme passion for creativity drives me to continuously develop my skills and utilise different design approaches in aim to create inspirational design innovations. From completing a placement at a Scandinavian kitchen company, I gained invaluable experience that has enabled me to grow one step closer to my aspiration of a multi-disciplinary designer. 





Koy is an adaptable desk lamp designed for the home office environment. Its push-in push-out buttons act as locking mechanisms that allow the complete adjustment of the lamps positioning, height and direction of light. The fun and simple design encourages user interaction as a way to take breaks from long hours of working at the desk.  


Nuuno is a portable space heater designed to be a safer alternative for heating your rooms. The 360 degrees fanned heating disperses heat quickly, whilst its perforated aluminium casing protects the inside heat element from flammable objects and also conducts fanned heat to act as a secondary source of heating.