Rama Bown

I have always had a passionate and enthusiastic outlook on product’s and the value of good design and through university I have been able to showcase my ideas and skills in more of a fresh and vibrant way. Projects throughout first and second year really made me bring out the early graphic/fine art side of me through the use of extensive medium experimentation but also gained me a new, more developed skill in product modelling and sketchwork. I have discovered an interest in marketing and furthered my knowledge with graphic software packages such as InDesign and Solidworks and have broadened my mind and desire to pursue a career with a more graphic or marketing background that combines my new skills and passion for product design.



‘Sono’ – Concrete Commercial Basin (LIVE PROJECT WITH KAST CONCRETE BASINS)


This live project was undertaken in collaboration with Kast Concrete Basins. Kast were working on several new projects and agreed to work with me throughout the period. The brief was to design and create a commercial concrete basin and accompanying steel frame in three different optional sizes to appeal to a different market, the hospitality sector. Through the introduction of modern manufacturing processes, the project was able to show the public how versatile ‘liquid stone’ can be. SONO shows off the exceptional qualities of concrete, which allowed the design to follow a very unique and distinctive shape whilst providing a fresh product that Kast can add to their existing range.

The SONO basin will be ready for launch late spring 2018.

Rubble - Flexible Stone Backpack


The ethos behind Rubble begins from two different origins. The first is creating an everyday product from single sheets of material through the use of folding and cutting, otherwise known as ‘kirigami’. The second is creating a new material. The rubble material is a working progress but is a flexible composite stone material comprised from the mixture of organic resins and abundant waste rock. The project creates an alternative way of recycling waste material and applying it to new and fresh product, ranging from constructional waste to mass mining by-products, the composite mixture gives flexibility to crushed stone.