Rebecca Doherty

After undertaking a year in industry as a medical design engineer, I have a strong desire to pursue a career that breaks new ground in the medical sector, refreshing the market with innovative solutions. I value the opportunity to be involved in every stage of the commercialisation of a product; from the research and development through to the manufacture and marketing of a product.

Aside from design, I enjoy to bake, travel and participate in competitive cheerleading as a coach and athlete.


rebeccaedoherty@gmail.com | linkedin.com/in/redoherty/

Osteoporotic Fixation Device

Working in conjunction with an orthopaedic surgeon, I have designed a device used to stabilise intertrochanteric and sub-trochanteric proximal femur fractures. The device consists of two internally threaded brackets and a corresponding threaded cortical screw, designed to utilise the stronger cortical bone. The product is to be used with a traditional dynamic hip screw and side plate.

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Gymnastics Tumbling Track

The tumbling track is a sprung platform used by gymnasts for performing tumbling skills. The platform is created by a series of 6063-T6 aluminium extruded frames aligned linearly, covered with a foam mat. Each frame has sixteen parallel fibreglass rods that provide the springiness for performing these skills.