Rebecca Whittle

I am a hardworking and highly motivated individual, with a passion for problem solving. As a designer, I have used my love of solving problems to develop briefs, using my research and analytical skills to create user centred products, which are both beautiful and highly functional.

On my placement year, I worked in the Research and Development department at PepsiCo as a Packaging technologist. This role enabled me to understand what it takes for a product to go from concept to manufacture in the real industry. From this, I have developed a keen interest in the packaging of products, packaging manufacture, materials and production. I am excited to pursue a career within this industry, to further develop my knowledge of the processes involved with designing packaging, which are used to create an attractive, functional and sustainable pack.


                                                       rebeccawhittle_1995@hotmail.com | LinkedIn

Tea Mixology Kit


Mass manufactured tea bags contain low quality tea leaves, with little flavour and are polluting the planet due to the non-biodegradable adhesives used. As a twist on the Star Pack 2018 packaging brief to design tin containers for tea, the Tea Mixology Kit was developed to educate tea drinkers in the benefits of drinking loose leaf tea. The kit was designed for the Bluebird tea Co. who specialise in quality brews in a wide variety of flavours.

With an emphasis on making the process of brewing loose leaf tea easier and easier to clean, each kit includes one large container of tea leaves, a measuring spoon, tea infuser, a recipe book and five stackable tins containing a variety of tea flavourings, which combine to give the user everything they require to brew a quality cuppa.


Bodhi & Mind


After conducting research into the effect technology has had on memory function, mental illness and stress, Bodhi & Mind was created. 

Bodhi & Mind was developed to encourage positive lifestyle changes based around diet, exercise and organisation. The aim of the service is to help the user adapt to and lead a more positive lifestyle, reducing the possibility of developing stress-based disorders, whilst also following preventative measures to reduce the possibility of illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. 


Bodhi & Mind is a 12-month subscription-based plan, with an initial delivery of an hourglass and annual journal, to encourage the user to engage in reflection and mindfulness, whilst allowing for daily planning. 

Monthly follow up deliveries are then provided with exercise cards, recipe ideas and a puzzle book with the aim of inspiring creativity in exercise, diet and keeping the mind active and challenged.