Rhianna Stewart

As a designer I enjoy exploring a range of design disciplines from product and graphic design to more recently some aspects of fashion design.

Whilst on my placement year I worked in the Product development department at The Walt Disney Company. This role enabled me to expand my knowledge of design and learn from a range of talented individuals. I was also able to help produce some successful designs from concept stage through to distribution stage. This process was something I thoroughly enjoyed and enabled me to understand the design process in depth and also grow as an individual.

I am a passionate hardworking individual and would love to apply and further develop the skills I have gained on this course in the field of design. l




Concrete is a construction material produced by combining water, cement and sand. It is not a material you would typically use to create an elegant desk lamp for the interior of your home. However I have worked hard to create a sustainable mix of concrete using natural waste materials for the base of the lamp. The top section of the lamp focuses on creating a warm environment within the home by using a sandblasted plastic cylinder to shield the light bulb. The aim of this product was the produce a simplistic desk lamp that is functional as well as aesthetically to be placed in the home.


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Breastfeeding in public has been a controversial topic of conversation for years. Many people argue that it can be uncomfortable to witness and that women should breastfeed in designated and sometimes isolated areas. However many people argue that nursing mothers can and should breastfeed wherever and whenever they need to without thinking twice. I have designed a small collection of nursing clothing, which focuses on making breastfeeding in public spaces easier, fashionable and at the same time protecting women’s dignity. The items of clothing combine natural, breathable materials, with interesting loose shapes and feminine colours so that mothers are able to wear the items after the nursing period.