Robert Turton

My work incorporates simplicity through the use of sharp lines and subtle angles, creating clean forms whilst maintaining functionality as a core value within my designs. Working in industry has taught me the importance of understanding the materials that we work with in order to create honest and efficient products. Experimenting with the vast range of materials we have available to us as designers is something which excites me and encourages me to produce a broad variety of work.


Kip is a contemporary approach to the traditional four poster bed. The plywood structure focuses on straight lines and subtle angles to create a minimal aesthetic. Plywood was used to utilise the properties of panelled material to eliminate the issues with solid wood furniture fabrication.


Link is a product designed to simplify the number of components needed to be carried by the cyclist. It combines the functions of locking the bike when parked and illuminating the way when in motion, whilst maintaining a high level of security using stainless steel sheeting.