Rory Howard

I am a designer who takes pleasure in an adaptive and exploratory design approach, and I relish the opportunity to throw myself into new areas and experiences. I have a growing fascination with the influence of design on behaviour, and how psychology and social science can be applied to remedy various social issues. My focus in this regard has largely been on energy consumption, whereby subtle interventions can be designed into products and systems to reduce wasteful interactions. I'm always keen to prove myself across a variety of disciplines, and welcome fresh challenges with an open and interested mind. 





Circa is first and foremost an elegant but versatile task light for the home or workspace, with values firmly entrenched in build quality and longevity.

Incorporating an innovative timekeeping and automatic light adjustment functionality, Circa was designed to promote healthy work and relaxation routines, and reduce the risks of sleep disruption attributed to exposure to artificial light.

Eco Smart Oven

The Eco Smart Oven is the product of an exploration into the potential for emerging ‘smart’ appliances in reducing energy consumption through user behaviour. Focused on gaining a deeper understanding of the human elements of product use, the oven and accompanying app deliver a range of features designed to empower user-driven improvements in energy efficiency whilst cooking.