Rory Jeffries

I’ve always had an interest in medical design, this year has given me the opportunity to design and develop a medical product with the aim of improving treatment for patients whilst developing my skills further.





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After observing the haemodialysis procedure, I noticed that traditional methods of securing cannulas are outdated, potentially unhygienic and uncomfortable for the patient. This led me to an in-depth project researching all aspects of the current dialysis cannulation process that included regular patient observation and hospital visits.

HaemoLink is a cannula securement device for haemodialysis patients. It safely secures the cannulas during treatment whilst improving comfort. It has a fully adjustable silicone strap that can cater to a patient’s individual needs regardless of their fistula location. HaemoLink is a fully reusable product, reducing the amount of medical waste dialysis creates each year. It does not require nurses to retrain from current cannulation methods and allows the cannulas to be secured easily at any orientation. HaemoLink improves the dialysis experience for both patients and nurses.