Rosalind Liggins

I'm a conscientious and detail-orientated designer with experience in product design, graphic design and illustration. I'm most passionate about visual arts and communication and designing for accessibility and usability. Formerly a team member at the student-led design consultancy Anomaly Design, the experience provided me with valuable insight into both the freelance design industry and running a business.




Rise is an efficient SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) therapy light, designed for the working environment. Light therapy is most effective when the light is administered from above, and up to 19% of SAD sufferers stop using SAD lights due to inconvenience: the Rise light tackles both issues with its ergonomically considered form, designed to integrate seamlessly into the desktop workspace. 


Beacon is a sleep aid kit which guides the user on improving their sleeping habits through the use of a sleep hub (pictured above), physical journal and a smartphone app. One in ten adults suffers from insomnia and many adults struggle with sleep problems in general: Beacon is designed to educate users on good sleep hygiene and allow them to implement proven techniques for better sleep.