Ross Grady

My design interests strongly lean towards all endeavours that have a mechanical design/ engineering bias. This has been encouraged by my strong creative, yet logical mind-set and desire to achieve innovation. This academic year I have taken the opportunity to further challenge myself by pursuing a major project that lies outside of my engineering biased comfort zone. In doing so it was my aim to further increase my versatility as a designer.


Aside from design I have a keen interest in the automotive industry. |


‘Octo-Blox’ is a construction-based game that encourages autistic children to play with others by creating a shared 3D space. ‘Octo-Blox’ targets the development of a range of skills from turn taking, and through communication between its players, to cooperative creativity that develops spatial awareness and facilitates relationship building in a non-destructive environment.  


‘Cot2Bed’ looks to address the issue of the high expense that is associated with raising a new-born child. Through use of aluminium extruded profiles that facilitate a telescopic extension movement ‘Cot2Bed’ is able to grow with the child up to 12 years of age. The extended product life span of ‘Cot2Bed’ is roughly 7 years greater than other market alternatives.