Ryan Harvey

I am an enthusiastic, confident individual that takes care and pride in all things I do no
matter how big or small. I am always striving to find the perfect solution to any task I am
faced with through creative, innovative design and have a passion for creating products
that can enhance the user experience across a broad range of areas. I find myself to be a
versatile designer that has an interest in many areas across the subject and fully commit
myself to anything I am faced with. From spending a year in the kitchen design industry I
discovered my enthusiasm for collaborating with other

E: ryanh_93@hotmail.co.uk

T: 07850877515


Tyve is a table lamp that takes its name from the Danish translation for the number 20, the number of faces on the geometric shape used for the design. The clean aesthetic of the lamp takes inspiration from Scandinavian design and is constructed from a single brass perforated sheet that is folded into position and finished with a 3 core burgundy braided flex.

Dualit iNDUCT

This twin appliance designed for Dualit creates the perfect breakfast experience as a responsible, eco product. Induction heating reduces waste energy and increases control for the perfect toast or toasty. The mini kettle discourages excessive boiling and combining the products aims to reduce waste.