Ryan Overton

A hardworking and passionate designer that has an exceptional eye for detail, he always demands the highest quality of work. Having worked and trained in professional cabinet making Ryan has a great understanding of bespoke and mass produced commercial furniture. His final year products reflect his interest in mid-century design and minimalist forms and demonstrates his skill set honed after 4 years of study.

rovertondesign@gmail.com | uk.linkedin.com/in/ryanoverton

Broadside - Sideboard unit

Image 2.jpg

Broadside is a sideboard unit influenced by mid-century Scandinavian design. Utilising a bold graphic element with birch plywood it creates an eye catching statement while still remaining true to minimalist design.


Sterling is an industrially influenced lighting solution for the home or office environment. Sterling’s design has been carefully considered to ensure a premium level of quality while still providing an understated and crisp aesthetic