Sam S. Kapadia

A product designer particularly interested in the engineering applications of modern materials & technologies. This has been aided by projects within materials, manufacturing and applied technologies. Furthermore, experience I gained during a year-long placement with a tier 1 automotive supplier in the quality department has given me a far greater understanding of the capabilities and limitations of manufacturing within design. During my second year of study, I gained a professional qualification in Solidworks (CSWP). | |

Educational Vacuum Former

Vacuum thermoforming is one of the oldest sheet polymer forming processes. This vacuum former is designed to assist in teaching the younger generation of designers in greater detail about the process, and where issues can occur. The viewing window has been added to allow the students to view the way in which the polymer sheet deforms under heat, and to show the internal components of the device. Further to this, the product will be more manoeuvrable due to its lightweight aluminium composition (6063 Frame, 5235 Walls), and access for repairs has be greatly improved.

Aluminium Skirting Board


The project brief was to either redesign an existing product or design a new product for the Aluminium extrusion process. This skirting board can be installed as easily as existing MDF boards, however the functionality of this product is far greater. The internal structure can hold both hot and cold water pipes, along with mains (30A and 15A), telecoms and other miscellaneous cables. The exterior pattern can be customised to almost any conceivable pattern through the use of decaling.  The product is made from AL 6063 T5, because of its superior surface finish.

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