Sam Mould

I have always had a passion for art, craft and design believing that you cannot have one without the others. After a year in industry at Sarah Turners’ Eco Art and Design I have gained an understanding of materials and different processes that have developed my interests towards a more handmade/handcrafted way of thinking, where the aesthetics of a product is a main feature that I look for when designing a product. I aspire to further develop my skills and knowledge within this industry to create new problem solving solutions that are missing today.

sam_mould@live.co.uk | https://sammould.wixsite.com/sammould

Pyramid Roller Cleaner


Find it hard to clean paint rollers? Don’t just throw them away try the Pyramid Roller Cleaner. It brings a new, faster way to clean paint rollers without the mess. It incorporates a unique silicone pyramid design throughout to aid cleaning right down to the core. The Pyramid Roller Cleaner is handheld and easy to use, which is suitable for novices and pros alike.

Narrative Light


Based upon the Japanese design philosophy of finding beauty in shadows, The Narrative Series aims to communicate a story subtly through its unique form and colour. It was designed from the outset to use reclaimed materials that would otherwise have been discarded. The series uses “The Hobbit” by J.R.R. Tolkien for its paper needs. Each piece has been handmade and sewn together to create a bespoke lighting piece that is suitable for a reading environment at home.