Sam Whetton

Creatively driven, commercially thinking individual, with a keen eye for spotting market niches and developing products which are suitable for manufacture, whilst ensuring that costings are at the forefront of each design consideration, enduring commercial viability.

I have a keen interest in a wide range of areas within design, ranging from soft goods and graphic design to furniture and lighting design. This is due to my interest in understanding how things are made, whilst also aiming to vary my skillsets across multiple areas of design to potentially bring fresh ideas to other projects.

My design style is minimalist; I believe that less is more. There really is no place in today’s market for products that are not beautiful. I strongly believe that the branding of a product is key to its overall success. Beautiful products deserve equally beautiful branding. If you fall in love with a brand, you'll buy their products for a lifetime.

                           sjcwhetton@gmail.com | Behance | Instagram | LinkedIn



Bryte is a range of premium pendant lights which are designed to create a sense of mood and atmosphere, as well as being a conversation starter within any interior, due to their unique style. 

The foundations of the design were formed on three pillars of equal consideration; aesthetics, materials and manufacturing. 

Each light is produced from press formed, annealed aluminium, which is then carefully covered with Italian napa leather. Each shape has been individually calculated, meaning that each light uses the same components, with the only changing element being the formers used.


The perfect companion for wherever life takes you. Reika is a travel backpack, designed for one-bag travel and manufactured from recovered ocean waste recycled polyester, reducing energy consumption by sixty percent, whilst removing around fifteen PET bottles from our oceans. Reika takes the stress out of travelling, by giving you access to everything you need, whenever you need it, whilst ensuring your most valuable posssessions are kept safe and secure.