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Samuel Gardner

I am a passionate and enthusiastic product designer with a keen interest in user centred designs in order to improve people’s physical health and well-being. These past four years have enabled me to enhance my initial knowledge and understanding of design and as a result, moulded me into an innovative and forward-thinking designer able to confidently produce practical solutions for any given situation.

In conjunction with design, I have a passion for sports, cooking and general physical health. | 07758938492

Swimming Starting Block’


The swimming starting block has been redesigned to enable the footrest to be adjusted to any position, rather than the five positions currently on starting blocks, in order to benefit swimmers of all heights.

The use of aluminium extrustion allows the product to be lightweight, durable and corrosion resistant.


Straight Up

Straight Up is a smart compression top designed to improve posture. It measures the curve of the user’s back through two sensors located in pockets on the mid-thoracic and mid-lumbar sections of the back.

When the user is in a poor posture position, the sensors will vibrate to inform the user to adjust their position.

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