Samuel Haslam

As a designer, I have always been inspired and influenced in my work by what design can achieve in improving people’s lives. I believe strongly that the user and real user needs should be central to the design process, and that combining the latest innovations in technology, materials, and manufacturing with the vast skillsets of a designer can lead to products which can greatly enhance anyone’s day to day life.

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Acorn Family

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Acorn is a smart hub and family of products which aim to increase independent living in the elderly. This is achieved using a range of connected smart products around the home which monitor an elderly user’s daily habits to detect potential health issues/concerns. These connected products include motion sensors for monitoring daily activity and mobility, a connected medication reminder to check if medication has been taken, and a fridge camera for monitoring food levels. Notifications are sent to a younger relative or carer through a smartphone app if issues arise which may need further attention. 

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Studious is a student desk organiser aimed at university students. Requiring no screws or permanent fixtures, this free-standing desk organiser can fit onto a range of different desks. Studious is an adaptable system which can be customised to any student’s needs. A modular system using a peg board allows the user to create their own organised workspace, to reduce desk clutter in the home study environment.