Samuel Johnson

Good design to me is noticed and speaks for itself with attention to detail playing an important role. A fresh, clean design reflects well on not only that particular product but also the designer. I am comfortable in designing products which integrate into an everyday environment as well as stand alone pieces that really have something to say. 

Ultimately the best outcome is produced by working closely with the client to provide a functional design specific to that particular customers needs. I am also a big believer of reusing the old to provide something new, which in the modern market is important to consider.

T: 07715561027





Fall Lamp

Fall Lamp is a table light for the home that incorporates fibre optic cables to increase the initial light emitted by LED’s. Contrasting with a hand crafted dark walnut frame and aluminium rings the fall lamp suits homeowners 30-45. The inspiration for this project came from reflection and making a lights beam and direction visible.

Pop-Up Box

Pup-Up Box is a project that transforms the current glass BT phone box into a space new businesses can test out new products. It's aim is to help up and coming businesses as well as the general public, turning an obsolete technology into opportunity.