Sarah Holmes

Brought up in the north west of England, art and design has always been accessible in variety of forms. I believe that these cultural experiences have informed my designs and moulded me into the designer that I am today. My design process is based on the principle of empowering the consumer by creating an immersive experience, generating versatile, personal and functional lifestyle products. Within my design process I draw on all the skills I have and mix them together, creating highly informed creative outcomes that are a balanced mix of product and graphic design. I pride myself on my ability to approach each design brief with an open mind and challenge the everyday, pushing the boundaries of design.


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Hooked is a multi-purpose wall hanging design based on the principle of changing the perception of material through colour, texture and design. The hooked wall instillation allows the user to innovate their living spaces in a functional manner while introducing subtle elements of design. The instillation of hooked is achieved with an interlocking system attached to the wall before instillation. Hooked allowed the user to create a flowing art instillation in their home, whilst remaining functional. Hooked comes in three sizes of small, medium and large and in two styles of a functional orientated piece and design-conscious piece. Hooked looks to change the home installation and design market entirely, putting bespoke capabilities in the hands of the everyday consumer for an affordable price. 

Recover Creations


Designed to be in partnership with the British Heart Foundation, Recover Creations offers up-cycling workshops, along with an essentials up-cycling kit and how -to guide. The aim is to introduce the consumer to the movement of up–cycling to engage, empower and in turn encourage the mind set of reuse and recover through the use of Recover Creations products. Up-cycling workshops allows the consumer to learn the skills required to inject new life into furniture and allows fellow members to connect, interact and share knowledge, while being involved in an empowering community.  

The essential up-cycling kit and how-to guide allows the consumer accessibility of up-cycling whether in a workshop or in the comfort of their own home, while the community and workshops offer support, knowledge and a creative environment that is accessible for all. The core elements of Recover Creations work in unison to empower the everyday consumer to recover, reuse and renew.