Shing Law

As a designer, we should create and design a product which can meet the market's and consumer's needs by observing everything happening around us, such as problems on technicalities of products that are affecting customers. In order to solve the problem, we need to redesign and improve the way in which the industry shapes product structure immediately.

In my minor project I have chosen to design a bathroom accessory; I heard from some of my friends and conducted research online, finding that many people complained that storage space for accessories in bathrooms were insufficient. Reasons being lack of space in bathrooms to place and store, also some customers complained that they wanted forms of structure for bathroom accessories for a clear and tidy state.

Bathroom Storage


Therefore, I have looked at some existing products in the market and went to some friend's accommodation to look at their bathrooms. I found that most of accommodations aren't large enough for bathroom storage spaces, for bathroom accessories. So, this product can really help them a lot in order to organise storage accessories - in a tidy manner. The purpose of my design is to increase availability of storage space in bathrooms, allowing users to utilise their bathroom storage - with functionalities of sectioning and grouping bathroom accessories.