Simin Lin

My design process is mainly driven by my interest towards visual art and narrative design. I have been heavily influenced by the form follow idea and enjoy challenging myself with various design approaches. For me, design serves as a media to explore my relationship with the ever-changing environment. Through researches and observations, I am able to embrace the everyday life and fantasy, stories and emotions, and then reinterpret them in my designs.





Blue Table


A bedside time made of toughen glass and tint glass. Inspired by the aesthetic and translucent effect when the sun light travel through colour windows. This bedside table imitates what we see through windows everyday, suggested the interaction between the blue sky and the natural light.

Weigh the light

Simin_Lin_The Weight Of Light_1.jpg

The Weight of Light is a lamp driven by form follows idea and narrative design. I believe everything has their own sense of physical presence, even things are intangible. I would like to embody the notion of the weight of light to obscure the boundary between material attribute and intangible things. The brightness of the light increase as the solid metal weight moves to the right as the result of the balance is shifting. At the same time, the glass globe is gradually rising higher, beautifully mimicking the sunrise.