Simon McDermott

As a product designer I have a passion for the process that goes into designing and making an object. With a keen interest and experience in digital 3D modelling and manufacturing, I endeavour to apply this to my work, and produce designs that not only solve a problem but can be feasibly realised in physical form. Design is a journey, it is not simply the start and the outcome, it is what happens between these two points that is the most exciting. And I look forward to starting my journey as a creative professional.




ARISINGS is a pendant shade created from sustainable and re-purposed materials from the by-products of mass manufacture. Produced for today’s market of buying quality over quantity, Arisings is designed to fit comfortably and elegantly in both a contemporary and homely space. Encapsulating wood shavings in a bio-resin will mean not only will it produce a soft warm ambient light, the wood shavings will give the light colour and pattern. All the materials that are combined to create the design, would be locally sourced and be broken down at the end of the product’s life, and either be recycled or bio-degraded.


FALLSAFE is a wearable fall detector for the elderly, that accurately determines when the user has fallen or not, and generates a panic call when the user may be too incapacitated to do so. Focused around the central unit containing all of the sensors needed, the FALLSAFE range allows the user, or user’s family to customise the device to the user’s needs and desires.

Designed to take the stigma away from these devices being seen as ‘medical gadgets,’ FALLSAFE is an elegant solution to a very common and serious problem.