Simone Chester

I have experience within the design industry and the teaching profession. Experimenting with materials and colour is something I feel really tests my abilities, I was able to do this within both my final year projects at university. In my minor I created my own material by melting down milk bottle lids and my major I experimented with digital textile printing. My design philosophy is based upon not only providing a solution but enjoying and having fun in the whole design process.

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This project investigated the amount of plastic waste created from milk bottles. The UK uses over 5 million tonnes of plastic each year, with only 29% being recovered or recycled. Reborn was created in the attempt to breathe new life into waste plastic by creating decorative homewares.

First Steps

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First Steps is an introductory experience to allow young children to familiarise themselves with the kitchen, whilst combatting the problem of worktop height restrictions creating pathways for learning, nostalgia and memories. The storage compartments include everything a young budding chef would need such as utensils, recipe cards, hat, apron and many more.