Sofiyah Moughal

As a designer with a background in fine art and science, my design style is of a playful and experimental nature. I see unfamiliar areas as a challenge and I love solving problems in inventiveways. Tackling design briefs, I am a somewhat over the top person. I use my creative personality to think of wacky (yet wonderful) ideas. I’ve always been interested in creating things which makepeople happy. Things that are light hearted and colourful. A complete contrast to the mainly blackand grey attire I sport on an everyday basis.
Spending six months in Barcelona for my placement year allowed me to appreciate how designchanges across different cultures and just how important design is in every aspect of life. Workingwith a group of students from around the world, I was fascinated by the way other cultures workand confidence in both myself and my designs grew.






Elderly generations are being left behind in the world of modern technology and finding it harder to adapt to the ever-changing digital environment. They are known as financially excluded. Financial exclusion is when one has little or no access to the financial services that enable them to lead a normal life. Banking is heading in a solely digital direction, leading to questions surrounding how the elderly are going to manage their finances and integrate into the digital banking world.

‘Siimple’ is a company that allows banks to cater for the elderly generation by helping them adapt to banking in the new age. It provides banks with an elderly-friendly umbrella app and tablet without compromising on the banks own branding. Designed through a cycle of rigorous user testing and redesign, the interface is both simple yet interactive enough for the user to navigate with ease.