Sophie Gilpin

I believe design is part of everyday life; everything you look at, every structure, every product, and every town, has been designed by somebody. But perhaps the most unique and exciting element of design is that, every aspect has come from someone’s imagination. I believe that you have to be imaginative and creative when it comes to studying with this industry. Design embraces individuality, without it we no longer have design.

As a designer, it is my duty to design objects that make the world around us beautiful allowing people to surround themselves with beautiful, well-made objects. I deem that this is achieved by attention to detail and commitment for perfection. I am always pushing myself to exceed and improve my design skills by learning and discovering new ways to express my ideas. | | Instagram | LinkedIn



Hedron Pendant Lighting was the outcome from a material exploration project. It aims to advertise the advantages of Jesmonite, a water-based resin. It demonstrates the unique properties of the material, with the exterior form consisting of sharp, clean edges, whilst the interior has an imperfect texture driven by the manufacturing process.


Inspired by London design fair 2017 announcing Jesmonite to be their ‘Material of the Year’. Once all of the knowledge of the material and experiments were undertaken, Hedron became a process driven project, embracing the rotational moulding process to manufacture the lights. Hedron lighting offers a range of shapes, sizes and colours and the rotational method makes each light unique and alive.