Sophie Taylor

I am a dedicated, technically minded and professional BA (Hons) Product Design Final Year Student with 15 months experience as a Skincare Packaging Technologist for The Body Shop. I am very keen and passionate to build a career in cosmetic/beauty packaging and am seeking career opportunities in this field.

I am always willing to give my all and not afraid to step outside of my comfort zone to help develop skills and abilities, to become a better and more successful team player. Whist working at The Body Shop I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to expand my knowledge and understand how the cosmetics industry works from initial concept all the way through to manufacture and product launches. Helping to manage and contribute to this development process was the most rewarding part of my time on placement.   

sophie_taylor1996@hotmail.co.uk | LinkedIn

The Body Shop Packaging Project


Following the experience and knowledge gained whilst at The Body Shop, the opportunity was taken to continue the development of a new project concept that had been generated during industrial placement, as the basis for the Minor project. This provided an opportunity to combine creative design work with materials and technical manufacturing knowledge in the detailed definition of the product. The project represents an exciting opportunity for The Body Shop as they continue to strive to meet their environmental commitments, using improved packaging options to increase specific product sustainability and overall carbon footprint. Due to confidentially more details cannot be revealed. However, it is exciting to announce that the project will be launching in September 2018 in The Body Shop stores all across the world.


I Am Skincare


I Am Skincare has been developed to fill a gap in the market for a skincare brand designed for all genders. The concept is based around a subscription service where consumers are initially provided with products in long lasting packaging and further deliveries contain refills supplied in compostable pouches. 

The brand stands for individuality, diversity and sustainability encouraging customers to embrace their personality, style and be confident in who they are. A fully online and application based purchasing system is ideal for the target audience, Generation Z, allowing them to easily and quickly make initial and repeat purchases. The small range of products boasts natural ingredients formulated to specifically help skincare problem areas with late teens. 

I Am Individual. I Am Sustainable. I Am Who I Am. 

I Am Skincare.