Stephanie Leake

I’ve always marvelled at the impact design has on people, their behaviour and their emotions. This deep fascination has lead my final year journey, to these two projects. Learning and improving my design skills along the way. I always strive for my work to produce positive experiences for the user. Whether that be healthier behaviour or a happier emotional encounter, in other words, I like to make people happy. 

On top of being interested in reactions designs can cause, I enjoy making and prototyping. Winning the bespoke category in the Wood Awards 2016, with Jack Badger Ltd fuelled this interest. |

The Gaddi Stools


Can sitting differently, increase our happiness? A question The Gaddi Stools address. Two stools, give a new experience of sitting. 

Inspired by the Indian Gaddi community (claimed to be the happiest people). The stools use a happiness formula in conjunction with the Gaddi way of sitting. The design is a result of these two influences. Made from sand and resin, occasional stools, for that time there’s no seats, or as a replacement for the traditional living area seating. Hoping to encourage increased happiness and feeling of community in the home.

Jack Bowls


Jack Bowls aim to celebrate leather and its natural imperfect appearance, demonstrate medieval techniques in contemporary design, and by utilising an unusual material hope to encourage the family to eat healthier. 

Name inspired by a blackjack leather tankard used for holding beer or ale. An age old boiling process called Cuir Bouilli was used to form and harden the leather. 

Jack Bowls keep the history and story of the material alive. Scratched, cut and imperfect vegetable tanned leather was used, leaving a natural colour and finish to the cowhide, barbed wire fence scratches and stretch marks all included.