Stephen Rawson

My name is Stephen Rawson, I am an aspiring designer with strong passion for designing and making products which challenge conformity and engage the user but also with strong roots in the world of the craftsman. After a year in industry with Lazerian I have developed an excitement for experimentation with different materials and processes but also a keen eye for the quality of a well-crafted product. In-turn this has given me a real appreciation for the way products are designed developed and manufactured and something that I can bring forward into my own work.




The Raw-Axe is a wood splitting tool designed to be a lighter, less labour intensive and easier to use than traditional wood splitting axes. Designed to reduce the need to develop a good log splitting technique, and to be ideal for occasional users. Its innovative design incorporates a sprung plate on the faces of the axe, this exerts a horizontal force to assist in log splitting, reducing the likelihood of the axe becoming stuck and increasing the overall output.


Hex is a foldable, storable item of garden furniture, designed to suit those with limited storage. It combines traditional origami techniques with modern material and processes to produce seating that has truly unique styling whilst still providing comfortable and durable outdoor seating.