Stuart Underwood

An energetic and enthusiastic designer with a passion for experimenting with new materials and design processes to find interesting and unusual results with the aesthetics and feel of the products. There is an emphasis put on the outcome and how it affects the users directly. In this day and age there should be a focus on involving the users directly in the design process, both in the design of products but also transferring the knowledge gained through the past four years into the design of immaterial services where design thinking and processes can be extremely valuable in tackling social issues. |


Nikko is a concrete pendant light unlike any concrete product on the market. It is an exploration into the potential of aerated concrete called Foamcrete, which is extremely light weight. The extensive testing carried out on finding the perfect mix has meant that the weight of the light has dropped from 25kgs to 5kgs, with strong aesthetic qualities.


Sol, is a sofa which is intended to reduce the amount of time that we spent on our electronic devices. Through extrinsic benefits gained from the use of the sofa you are encouraged to put your phones down and pick up a book, engage with friends or simply spend time to yourself.