Suzannah Hayes

As a product designer I like to consider the whole process, starting with research and initial sketches, through to the materials and manufacture, therefore creating a product which has potential for reuse and repair. This product cycle allows the products to be better for the environment as well as the consumer.  One of the most important things to me is the user, and the connection they get with the product; allowing them to be educated or aided as well as enjoying the product. 




Stability is an induction heated teapot kettle which provides a simple and stylish solution to help people with a tremor to safely and easily make a hot cup of tea without spilling any hot water, milk or sugar. The teapot kettle uses a tipping movement to pour the tea while keeping the product stable. The range is designed in white ceramic and cork with the main body of the teapot being silver stainless steel, giving the range a modern, sophisticated look which would look great in anyone’s kitchen and does not suggest that it is a disability aid.

Peelings to Seedlings

Peelings to Seedlings is a range of products designed to encourage primary schools to waste less and learn more about composting by aiding the complete cycle from collecting waste to growing new plants. The rotating composter is safe and fun for children with a visible gear mechanism and large turning handle. The range of products comes in 3 colour options; primary, greens and a bright yellow and turquoise. Posters and leaflets were also designed, which along with a website would aid the teachers to teach the children about the composting cycle and gardening.