Tara Yeandel

As a designer, I have a minimalist approach to my designs. My designs have a main feature which is then complimented by the other existing aspects, but never over complicating the design itself. I enjoy experimenting with new methods and processes which the past two years have allowed me to do. Such as working in the upholstery industry through my placement year and especially final year, as I have explored the process of patina and modern upholstery.







29 is a statement pendant light that has been designed for a domestic environment. The design of the light is minimal and created through the manufacturing process of metal spinning. This was the chosen process because it would create a more organic shape, as this matches the patina which is a natural process. However the inside of the light is a polished finish, this was done so that a warm glow is emitted.



Knott is a piece of conceptual seating that focuses on providing the user with a comfortable experience. This has been achieved through the cushion on the sofa, as it is wrapped around the steel frame that is partly exposed. Due to the unique cushion finish it allows the user to adjust their position without compromising their comfort. The soft finish and inviting colour of the velvet fabric used for the cushion compliments the comfortable experience.