Ted Chow

Good design can make the world a better place, it can be simple or complicated, analog or digital. And that’s is what designing fascinated me, to improve the world with different sorts of design. My designs are gravitated more toward minimalistic analog design, yet I also aware of latest technology on the market and cooperated into my design for a more rounded design. Good design is about balance, and that is my goal as a designer.

E: tedtatdesign@gmail.com

T: +44 7414133063


r. is a dual purpose table lamp design, it can switch between table lamp and ambient lighting with a tilt of the mirror. r. uses mirror to distribute even lighting onto surfaces, light source is adjustable through focusing lens for light intensity. r. only required one hand to adjust the lighting angel. 


Ben45 is a two sided bench that raises the backrest according to which side you are on. It is simple yet functional modular design. Parts of ben45 are designed to be compatible with the size of your choice ranging from two to four seats.Hidden cabling system inspected by cable-controlled animatronic puppets, enable Ben45 to move along with you.