Thomas Brown

Having been brought up in Manchester exciting art and design has luckily always been accessible to me. I am heavily inspired and influenced by the work of past cultures and movements in my design work, from music movements to Scandinavian timber design. I find it important to break the boundary between graphic and product design and integrate the two in my designs. This focus has helped me to develop my range of skills and understand what I can do better and how with an open minded approach I will always be learning.

Outside of design I’m a keen motorcyclist and painter, and often try and use the two to influence and complement one another. |

MCR Range

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MCR Range is a set of products that aim to increase the musical experience of certain music scenes by utilising the senses. This is achieved through visual art, candles and selected LP’s. The MCR Range focuses on the Madchester music scene but the project has a range of sets including the Jamaican Reggae scene and Scandinavian folk scene.

East Range by GEOL

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East by GEOL is a set of four spice containers that uses laser engraved art & patterns from the spices country of contemporary origin. This particular East range focuses on the four main spices of Asian origin. The design aims to be a functional piece of art for the kitchen and promote spice knowledge through art.