Thomas Farmery

My work strives to offer engagement and interaction, with the aim of exploring the relationship between person and possession. I take great consideration toward the role of natural materials and the method of manufacture, in order to achieve a humble aesthetic. I am eager to expand my knowledge and further my curiosities within craftsmanship. |


Orlo is an ambient table lamp, designed to encourage and explore playful interaction. The mechanism requires a conscious procedure to illuminate, by placing the ball into one of three podiums, each differing in light intensity. This sensory involvement is furthered by the tactility of materials. The lamp consists of a weighted steel ball that rolls freely in the shallow oak bowl. A frosted tube houses the LED light source, topped with an Oak cap. All parts interlock without the use of adhesives or fixings, encouraging recycling or repair at the end of the products life.


Otto, (left) is designed to confront the problem of the over cluttered work space, by stimulating the user to consider essential possessions, for improved workflow. The desk presents a series of minimal storage solutions, at varying heights, devised to free the work surface.