Thomas Oakes

I love contemporary and minimalistic designs and coming up with new and exciting products which look good. However, I also like to experiment with new or different materials for personal experience as well as an experience that will be beneficial to the end-user. | 

Pyramid Soap Dispenser

render 2.JPG

Pyramid is a Corian Soap Dispenser in two different colours, black and white, with a contrasting Copper lid. Pyramid was designed to explore Corian and to come up with a new product that used offcuts of the material which is predominantly used for kitchen worktops.



CLOAK aims to reduce clutter as well as take up as little space as possible. CLOAK, a utilitarian desk, incorporates a transferrable lamp within the desk’s surface. Despite the minimal look, the desktop also parts to reveal storage space. CLOAK is constructed from solid Maple and white powder coated Steel to provide a subtle contrast.