Thomas Pocklington

I’ve always been interested in the way people interact with the world around them and the attachments we make to products that we use. Design is more than creating a solution to a problem, it is also about designing the experience that surrounds the products. My approach to design is clean and minimal whilst investigating the necessary functions of the products I design. My final year had me researching into the health and well-being of the consumers; from air cleaning houseplants to an alarm clock designed to eliminate sleep inertia.






The decreasing size of homes and access to gardens have resulted to a rise in the popularity of houseplants, especially succulents. Jay is a self-watering plant pot that aims to make a houseplant as easy to look after as your everyday cactus! The deep reservoir limits the constant need to water and creates the possibility of a simple hydroponic system. The versatile and simple design means that Jay effortlessly creates the perfect conditions for your plants to thrive – just add sunlight!



Nearly a third of the UK’s population are said to be suffering from insomnia, and nearly half the population are getting six hours or less sleep per night. This highlights that sleep, or the lack of it, is becoming a considerable problem. Oriri is a redesign of the sunrise alarm clock that aims to not only help with sleep but also appeal to new consumers.

Oriri is a sunrise alarm clock that uses white light in the morning to benefit from the alerting properties of blue light, to help eliminate sleep inertia. The simple and minimalistic design not only moves away from the medical aesthetic of the current products on the market but is also designed to structure the consumers sleep experience by removing any unnecessary functions such as radio the snooze button!