Tiff Wing Yee Chau

With professional experience in branding, packaging and product development in small
businesses, corporate companies and as a freelancer, I approach design with a customer-centred
drive and an in depth understanding of the market, with an eye for detail and a belief for the value
of storytelling in design. I am able to bring conceptual ideas through intensive development into
practical creative solutions. As a creative who is passionate about cultures and humanities, I also
strongly believe in designs and creative strategies that solve problems and make differences. Find
my full bio at uk.linkedin.com/in/ohtiffchau.

W: www.tiffchau.com
E: hello@tiffchau.com


CHUTA is a solution to the common frustration of dripping and dribbling of liquid during and after pouring. Made of hydrophobic quality stainless steel, the spout is formed to cut off liquid flow effectively with no hassle; the unique lip design catches any unlikely drip and feeds it back into container. Comes in 3 models to fit all bottles and common pots and pans.


MAMA’s BAGS is a charity based in Siem Reap, Cambodia that makes durable shopping bags recycled from waste plastic bags for villagers in Chansor, simultaneously stations at the market to implement a reward system. We want to encourage a shift in the local attitude from abusing and burning plastic bags to recycling and reusing environmentally friendly alternatives, and we believe that the best way to educate local villagers about taking care of the environment is through financial empowerment. MAMA’s BAGS is a highly culturally minded and user-centred project, that has undergone heavy research and analysis.