Tingling HE

I am the kind of person that enjoys finding products which have playful, unique forms that are attractive. The colour and appearance of products that particularly attract peoples’ eyes and create feelings. The ideal choices of products will bring benefit to peoples’ motions and psychological states. I like to focus on these elements during my design process to impress and help users. 


Faire Tourner

A rotary accessory storage (above), called Faire Tourner to help users organize their make-up products. Because of the unique look and the transparent material, the product can let users see through, allowing them to pick the product easily. It is a space-saving and playful product as well.

Lirette batte


The chair is made from leather woven over an iron frame that is constructed from iron pipe. The suitable seating area and the unique way of knitting, which was inspired by Balenciaga give users’ visual enjoyment and maximizes body comfort.