Tom Hill

My passion for Product Design began from pressing and shaping my own longboards as a teenager. During this time I was learning basic wood working skills and processes as well considering different functional abilities of the boards. After pursuing this in an educational context, I went on placement to 2MZ which furthered my interest in bespoke manufacturing processes. Through my time at Nottingham Trent University I have developed different attributes to become multi-disciplined in skills such as CAD, sketching, and understanding the designer-user connection. Furthermore, trying to understand a variety aesthetic styles and design philosophies, to develop a good understanding of design history.

As a designer I am keen to challenge myself in an industry setting to increase my knowledge and competency. Moreover, discover new aspects of design that I haven’t previously considered and discover new avenues of design to be a part of.





Sova is a sleeping aid lamp using contemporary minimalist aesthetics to fit into a modern market. The product has be designed to help instil a consistent sleeping routine for user developed from research into cognitive therapies used by professional sleep therapists. As well as this it uses technology such a white noise to reduce a disturbing bedroom environment from external sounds in an inner-city environment and negates the use of blue-light to reduce melatonin whilst being used as a functional lamp.


Hill_Tom_Major_Apis_New Render.gif

Dwindling numbers within the bee populations inspired ‘Apis’. Apis is a conversational piece designed for city farms as an aid for education to the general public in how they can help increase bee population on an individual level. Apis is an observation hive with various aesthetic features to spark conversation, act as visual cues for education and to help create more of the vital interest that is needed by the general public to help. Using light to demonstrate how bee’s communicate with each other and the opportunity to look closely at honey-bee’s working together Apis hopes to create more of an emotional connection with people and the bee’s that support our lives on earth.