Thomas Lewis

I’m a designer who is enthusiastic and passionate about the whole design process from inception to the production of a fully functioning useful product, addressing real issues and being able to interpret client’s needs to produce a unique solution to a design brief. I also believe that I have a strong design & business background after working in POS with Three Point Design last year allowing me to be able to select & critically evaluate information to analyse problems.

trjlewis@hotmail.com | www.linkedin.com/in/trjlewisdesign/

NHS Water Jug

Dehydration is an occurring problem in hospitals due to how inconvenient the current jug is. After working with nurses and specialists throughout the NHS this new alternative solves many of the main issues resulting in a better experience for the patients and making the day to day lives easier for hospital personnel. The approach to this project was to solve the problem now, therefore considerations to costs and manufacturing had to be considered as well as constant interaction with nutritionists and dietitians at the QMC, Nottingham, to make this a feasible product.


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Everyday kitchen utensil holders are one of the most unattractive and unorganised pieces of equipment to have in a kitchen. With the Branch kitchen utensil holder only the most popular utensils are displayed, reducing the amount of clutter in the kitchen as well as accommodating all types of utensils and moving away from the standard pots that we have grown accustomed to.