Tom Simcock

I’m a furniture and product designer from Stoke-on-Trent. Being from the Potteries I’ve always had a passion for design and creativity. My grandfather’s worked in the pottery and steel works in the city and my Mum runs a small handbag business. From them I have learned the value of getting hands on with my designs and learning through model making and prototyping. My placement year taught me the value of CAD within design, with myself being placed in charge of the company’s CAD and several quickly produced renders leading to large bespoke contracts being secured. While I feel that creating viable solutions to problems is a key requirement in designs, I feel that this should not compromise the appearance of products. I therefore always strive to create functional but beautiful products.


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Luminate is a lighting project that experiments with the use of casting as a process to combine the contrasting materials of resin and ash in a single body. The contrasting appearance of the blue resin with the light-coloured ash leaves an aesthetic that can either be interpreted as the resin is what’s cracking open and consuming the wood, or it’s what is holding it together. This beautiful contrast of materials is highlighted further when power is applied to the bulb, with the blue resin glowing a pure, bright white.