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Nottingham Castle - Cave advertisement solution

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Changing the perspective of Nottingham Castle.


So, I'm not sure about how much you know about Nottingham.. but I'm sure you've heard of Robin Hood and the castle, right? The city is having a huge renovation over the next few years, including a £29.4 million castle project. Shockingly, it was discovered that the vast majority of people (67%)  are completely unaware that the Castle is not in fact a castle at all (it was knocked down 300 years ago) but a purpose built museum/art gallery, coupled with a series of medieval caves. This has a massive impact on customer satisfaction (check out their trip advisor reviews) as people are often left bitterly disappointed when they expect to explore a famous medieval castle and don't get one.

Many potential consumers are completely unaware of what actually exists at the site, and the castle primarily relies on it's reputation alone to attract visitors (feeding the dissatisfaction that occurs when people expect a huge castle...). Research exposed how the caves of the castle were a hit with the existing customers - despite the fact that they were often only viewed as a consequence of simply being there, as opposed to a purposeful visit. 

The solution was a castle cave advertisement/public installation, designed to expose the brilliance of the caves at the castle and entice people to visit and enjoy the real thing - creating a space for people to relax and explore; encouraging them to visit. The aim is to help the castle achieve their goal of attracting 400,000 visitors PA (they currently receive just over half of that).

“You have created something which is accessible to all. By nature, the caves are not suitable for wheelchairs users and some lesser-abled individuals, those with visual impairments, claustrophobics, or perhaps those with certain sensory conditions such as Autism.  Your structure uses safe, temporary, tactile materials which people can interact with, but recreates the subterranean ‘feel’ of a cave without being too oppressive or contained.  This does propose a fun alternative to experiencing what a cave may be. We have 3D Scanned all of our caves for use with a VR simulator.  I can see some other potential in using both of these resources together, so one can ‘feel’ the caves that is being displayed through the headsets.  But this may be more of a commercial activity, rather than a public interactive.”

Exhibitions Officer, Nottingham Castle