Vaishakh Sairam

As a designer I believe that good design should be made available to the masses by synthesising market trends, consumer insights and socio-cultural needs to design meaningful and desired solutions. I always keep up with new and emerging technologies to satisfy consumers needs and wants.
Having worked at a furniture manufacturer, I’m eager to learn more manufacturing methodologies and their limitations which has an impact to my design process. I first look for the material that a product will be made in and then design around that material. I found this to be a more efficient method of designing rather than designing something and then trying to look for materials that meets your requirement.


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Zen is a new kind of floor lamp that is designed for relaxation after a hard day at work. Inspired by the motion of waves and raindrops hitting a surface, the lamp creates motion similar to this by using addressable RGB lights. The RGB lights are algorithmic and uses colour temperatures from the sunset, causing a calm and relaxing environment. Due to the algorithmic nature of the lights, a user can stare at the lights and won’t get bored of the regenerative motion. Made from aluminium extrusion wrapped in fabric, water jet cut steel, and acrylic the floor lamp is lightweight and can be easily transported, saving fuel costs.  


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Primary research gathered suggests that on average, people aged between 21-28 move every 2-3 years. This can then have an impact on their behaviour to buy and throw furniture that does not meet their new space requirements. Therefore, Molecule is a modular range of tables that aims to satisfy the adaptability and mobility needs of generation rent. Designed from the inside out, the hybrid table top is made from end grain balsa, pine slats and birch plywood left alone or finished with veneer. This creates a lightweight table top that can easily be moved by a single person. The legs are also easily removable, making a table switch from a dinning table into a coffee table.