Vivin Gresdayani

An enthusiastic designer who strives to consistently produce designs that uphold the following values: user-consciousness, functionality, innovation and  contemporary aesthetics. In the recent years, she has been drawn to the topic of emotional design and longevity. She is determined to continue working and exploring on this topic in her future designs.


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The project was initiated to encourage the rattan industry in Indonesia by integrating traditional material into contemporary design. As the result, Anggun translated as elegance in Indonesian, presented a harmony between traditional and modern material, with a unique twist of sewing woven rattan on fabric.


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Zisha+ tea-set celebrates the union of three tea cultures: English, Chinese and Japanese in terms of form as well as the essence. The essence of tea preparation is to take your time and enjoy a good cuppa whether alone or when serving a companion. The teapot was made of zisha clay extracted from Huang-Long-Moutain in Yixing-China. It was traditionally unglazed and porous to enhance the flavour and aroma of the tea the more it was steeped. One could eventually brew tea by simply pouring hot water into the empty Zisha+ teapot after years of constant steeping.