William Hosie

I’ve always been passionate about design and creating new things. Without this passion for design I wouldn’t have been lucky enough to spend my year in industry at Adidas where I was a colour and materials footwear designer. From this experience my knowledge and skills as a designer have grown immensely. I wouldn’t have been able to obtain this opportunity without the skills I have learned at NTU. When I design products I always aim to push the possibilities of what can be done, whilst also designing new and exciting products. I’m always looking to learn new skills and challenge myself to design new exciting products. Outside of my studies I am a keen skier and over the last year I have spent time designing a range of graphics and apparel for Trent Snowsports. This opportunity has given me the chance to branch out from product design and into graphic design.



Slight is a floor standing lamp made from Welsh Slate and copper, designed to showcase the natural beauty of slate along with the complimenting copper. The aim of this product is to show that slate can be used for more than just industrial uses. Slate is a vastly underutilised material, especially in homeware products.



Xpand is child’s trainer designed to increase in size, growing with the child through several foot sizes. The shoe's design will increase up to three-foot sizes using a simple spring pin mechanism to adjust the size. This pin is hidden as part of the midsoles aesthetic. When pulled it allows for the heel section to be moved backwards or forwards to change to the appropriate size. The shoe was designed for children with an average age of between 4-8 years old.

The shoes main purpose is to combat the cost to parents having to buy multiple pairs of shoes a year for their children when their feet grow quickly. This simple solution will help to lower the ever-rising costs of raising a child in the 21st century.