Willow Shepstone

Design is most fulfilling to me when it is experimental and playful. I place high importance on social responsibility, culture and community, which informs my empathetic approach to user centered design. These passions inspired me to create and project manage from initial concept to final delivery the 'Make It Maldon’ event which set out to re invigorate the small town in Essex, to celebrate the arts and inspire creativity. By gaining an in depth understanding through design sensitivity I am able to push creative boundaries and seek real life solutions.




An interactive wall light that induces a feeling of wonderment. Kairos was born out of an exploration into sensory stimuli and the positive emotions they invoke. An abstract pattern of polarised film creates a moving rainbow effect as the user rotates the outer frame, immersing them in a mesmerising moment of escapism.

No Lost Generation

No Lost Generation is an investigation into the importance of education and the lasting impact it has on community and culture. The project, inspired by the current refugee crisis, explores methods of providing schooling to vulnerable and displaced children.