Yim Fung

English may not be my native language but I am able to express my mind and feelings through product design. Photography is an area that I have excelled in and can be applied to the display of works. Through this imaging technology, the artistry of work is maximised. The technology has helped me to investigate and progress further in different aspects of art and design.

In addition, different cultural backgrounds include China, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. When I design products, I had some diversified perspectives, which has made my design style more diversified and inclusive.


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Contemporary Kitchen Rack


To counter people’s conceptions of material to create a neoteric and modern Kitchen Utensil Pot designed for an modern home. Form meets function in the kitchen and helps people to keep their favourite food blog or recipe in easy view. Designed with the modern, everyday cook in mind, this dock serves as a stand for an iPad, tablet.

Magnet Black


Magnet Black is a bathroom sets which is a shower basket with magnetic and which is able to adsorp the shower head on the basket. When parents help the child take a shower more convenient, and it can prevent child splashing in water. Create a comfortable method to make the citizen can relaxing after a busy day and make them more enjoy the shower time. Domestice concept with the modern stmosphere in the bathroom.