Vanessa Yuenyee Chan 

I have always been fascinated by art, and all creative things from different cultures since an early age. My design style involves uniqueness and minimalism. I attempt to design products with unique features and functions that attract attention, as well as influence new approach to engage and manipulate the product differently. I found myself particularly skilful and interested in handcrafting and the exploration of materials. My experience and enthusiasm for design has made me to become more ingenious in my design process, though experimentation and pushing boundaries with ideas to implement positive user experience and impacts. I am a passionate designer with a desire to gain new skills and broaden my knowledge for being successful and contribute to the design industry. | LinkedIn

Venus Bedside Rolling Lamp

Final layout.jpg

An interactive bedside lamp designed with a clean and minimalism structure, only involves a square wooden base and a transparent crystal sphere. Venus requires the user to roll the crystal sphere on the wooden base by hand to adjust its brightness, colour, and direction of light for different purposes while laying down in bed. It is transformable from providing white toned illumination for reading in bed, to being a yellow toned soft night light. Light passes through the top hole of the base, and spreads out through the crystal sphere that has natural potential in reflecting light. Mirror inside the sphere enhances the density and brightness of light. The design aimed to attract people’s curiosity to use the lamp through a unique manipulation, resulting to achieve interesting user experience.

Tactile Relaxation Chair

Final Layout-Major.jpg

Influenced by the traditional Chinese acupressure, developed to a smoother, gentler and satisfying tactile stimulation effect. Not only fulfils, but enhances the unconscious temptation of interacting, touching and feeling the forms and textures of the surrounding objects. It aims to surprise the user with the unexpected but satisfying tactile sensation. Hidden textures are created on unexpected areas of the chair, where body parts could possibly touch on unconsciously. Linear, rounded and smooth simplicity structural design. Using light colour Oak to contrast with vivid Navy and Yellow. The soft cotton rope seat forms a body shape to make the body feel surrounded. This project raises a unique way to obtain relaxation through experiencing mysterious tactile textures from the structure of the chair, showing the interesting connection between tactility and furniture.