Zac Robinson

I find it is always nice to have a physical representation of the idea that you’re trying to get across. You can then really get a feel for the form and start thinking about those all important features, which define the design. This is why model making and prototyping is a key part of my design process and a keen interest of mine. It is carried out at the earliest stage possible and is essential to the development of my designs. A love for creating effective and functional solutions is something which inspires me as a designer, along with a strong passion for furniture design.

zrobinson.design@gmail.com | www.zacrobinsondesign.co.uk 

Compact Kitchen Caddy


A portable kitchen caddy fixed on rubber caster wheels, designed to enhance flexibility around the kitchen and provide the user with a hassle-free cooking and preparation process. Compact can be easily stored and hidden away in a specially designed shell built into the kitchen layout.



Situated in the corner of the lounge, Unwind forms a comfortable space for the user to sit back and relax. The key features enhance comfort through a high back and wings, providing privacy and a sense of personal space. Unwind aims to bring a more traditional life style back into the living room, providing somewhere to sit down and enjoy a good book/magazine.