Zhaoyue Liang

As an student from Nottingham Trent University in UK, I insist that arts are originated from a centre-point in life: It is full of all kinds of products with various characteristics of our lives. Designing products and its process is just like applying a process to our lives, so its my wish to create and produce in ways which are dedicated to catering towards people's lives and needs.

I am an active girl full of fantastic ideas - evolving from a place incorporating bravery in ideas to produce creative products. Art and Design in the UK is famous all around the world, and has pulled me towards becoming a design student. 

I wish to deepen my art through thought, technique, attitude and expression, to produce better works by learning from these focal points.



Today, most teapots on the market are relatively inconvenient to carry around, and aren't portable to carry to different places. This product designed is a teapot with no handles, allowing users to enjoy drinking tea at anytime, anywhere. The design of the tea-cup can function both as a cup and as a lid of the teapot to serve up to two people. The part of the teapot that is held by hand is made of oak, preventing slipping and creating insulation when hot liquids are inside. The teapot itself is made from black ceramic - that can retain the original aroma of tea when used, making it a suitable material to use for teapots.

The Interlocking Chinese Joinery


The Interlocking Chinese Joinery is a structure that is mainly loaded with wood and is connected and fixed by means of various mortises and tenons. Because this structure is composed of natural materials, subject to the limitations of the material itself. My design philosophy is to combine ancient Chinese architectural culture with modern design. Using a bedside lamp, the entire lamp is not applied to any glue, nails or any auxiliary tools. This light will mirror the shadows of different shapes from different angles. When people watch a movie in a bedroom or check a computer phone, they do not want the room to be too bright and there is a warm lamp next to it.